Yoto Mini Player (2024 Edition)

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    Listen Small Dream Big, a world of stories, music, activities, podcasts, radio, sound effects and more! 

    Yoto Mini lets kids explore their imaginations as they explore the world. Kids from 3-12+ use physical cards to explore the best audiobooks, music, activities and educational audio on the move, putting the best of Yoto in the palm of kids’ hands.

    No microphone. No camera. No ads.


    Independent, ad-free listening for kids

    No more shouting at speakers or handing over your phone. Now kids can explore what inspires them using physical (durable!) cards. Totally ad free.

    Features include:

    • Built-in rechargeable battery
    • Enjoy up to 14 hours of play per charge
    • Size-defying sound
    • OK-to-Wake clock
    • Always ad-free listening
    • Free white noise and sleep sounds
    • Includes endless free audio
    • Bluetooth enabled
    • Pixel display 
    • Parental control

    What’s included in the box?

    • Yoto Mini
    • USB-C charge cable
    • Welcome Card ( Make your own Card) 
    • Setup Guide

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    What age is Yoto Mini suitable for?

    Yoto Mini is suitable for kids aged 3+. Our Card Store has 1,000+ titles for kids from birth to 12+ so your kids will always discover new audio to inspire them as they grow.

    Does Yoto Mini require WiFi?

    You’ll need a WiFi connection to set up your Yoto Mini and download your Yoto Cards. Once they’re downloaded, your kids can play them wherever and whenever they like!

    Yoto Mini has 600+ hours/32GB of audio storage. Some features, like Yoto Radio and Yoto Daily or your day-and-night clock, will need WiFi. But most listening can be done with or without a connection - at the park, on a plane or in the car!

    You can also disconnect Yoto Mini from the WiFi via the app.

    How do you set up Yoto Mini?

    Download the Yoto App for iOS or Android which will guide you through our very quick setup process. It takes just a few minutes to get your Yoto Mini up and running!

    How do I charge Yoto Mini?

    Yoto Mini has a USB-C charging port and cable for easy charging on the go.

    Is it waterproof?

    Yoto Mini isn’t waterproof. Please keep it away from the bath!

    Does Yoto Mini have a night light like Yoto Player?

    Yoto Mini doesn’t have a night light.

    What’s the difference between Yoto Mini and Yoto Player?

    Yoto Mini's small size makes it perfect for listening on the go, with fast USB-C charging. Yoto Player is larger, with a built-in programmable night light and a magnetic charge dock.

    Apart from this, Player and Mini have all the same features, including Yoto Daily, Yoto Radio, sleep sounds, pixel display, day-and-night clock and more.

    Does Yoto Mini work with Bluetooth headphones?

    Yoto Mini has Bluetooth support and works as a Bluetooth speaker & wireless headphones. 

    How long does the battery last?

    You can expect up to 20 hours of playback per charge on Yoto Mini when WiFi is disabled. When WiFi is enabled, you can expect up to 18 hours.* When WiFi audio streaming, expect up to 15 hours.*

    *Note: 50% volume, display timeout 15s. *WiFi audio streaming (100% volume & display timeout 15s) = 10.5 hours WiFi audio streaming (100% volume & display always on) = 6.5 hours

    My kids have smeared food/toothpaste/something else (delete as applicable) all over their Yoto Mini. What’s the best way to clean it?

    Yoto Mini is designed to be pretty robust so you can simply clean it with normal, non-corrosive household products.

    Can I add Yoto Mini to the App if I already own a Yoto Player?

    Yes, you can have as many Players and Minis as you want on your App. Simply set up your Yoto Mini to see it appear on your Players tab.

    Can I use Make Your Own Cards with Yoto Mini?

    Yes, Make Your Own Cards are fully compatible with Yoto Mini.


    Yoto Mini Player (2024 Edition)
    Yoto Mini Player (2024 Edition)
    Yoto Mini Player (2024 Edition)
    Yoto Mini Player (2024 Edition)
    Yoto Mini Player (2024 Edition)
    Yoto Mini Player (2024 Edition)
    Yoto Mini Player (2024 Edition)
    Yoto Mini Player (2024 Edition)
    Yoto Mini Player (2024 Edition)
    Yoto Mini Player (2024 Edition)
    Yoto Mini Player (2024 Edition)
    Yoto Mini Player (2024 Edition)
    Yoto Mini Player (2024 Edition)
    Yoto Mini Player (2024 Edition)
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