Little Dutch

Little Dutch is a Dutch-born brand for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Our designs are an enrichment for children who grow up and parents who bring up. We ensure that each product is a real treasure and we think of the little ones as much as we follow their parent’s wishes. Our products provide a timeless sense of style, are fun to play with, and completely safe for use by children.

Little Dutch is committed to supporting both parenthood and the development of every child as much as possible, no matter what the day brings. Our designs are as functional as they are fascinating. They spark joy, add comfort, and bring ease.

Little Dutch makes everyday happiness more happy.

Little Dutch Vintage Campervan


Little Dutch Wooden Toaster Set


Little Dutch Beauty Case


Little Dutch Wooden Workbench


Ramp Racer - Nature


Little Dutch Ramp Racer - blue


Little Dutch Hairdresser Set


Little Dutch Wooden Drill


Little Dutch Painting Book


Wooden Balance Scooter - Blue