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Are you ready to ignite your child's inner builder and unleash their creativity? Look no further than this amazing workbench!

With this incredible tool, your child can fix, repair and create just about anything they can imagine. Whether they dream of building a car or constructing their own one-of-a-kind creation, this workbench is the perfect place to start.

With their own set of tools, your little one can screw, saw and twist pieces together, taking them apart and starting again - all while developing crucial motor skills and igniting their imagination. And as they work, they'll be inspired to engage in role play and creative thinking, mimicking the adults they admire and creating their own worlds of wonder.

Toddlers love to emulate their parents, and with this workbench, they'll have the chance to do just that. So why wait? Grab your tools and get to work - the possibilities are endless!

Minimum age recommendation 3+ years
Product dimensions 30,5x44x86
Material Wood
Color Blue
Collection Essentials