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This fantastic set includes 8 wooden traffic signs that are the perfect addition to your child’s flexible toy road.

With these signs, your child can learn about traffic while having fun and engaging in imaginative play. But that’s not all! Roadblocks also enhances the overall play experience by adding a new level of realism and excitement to your child’s flexible roads.

Your child will love pretending to be a driver, navigating through the streets and following the rules of the road or not...

Unlike many toys, their materials are sourced in Germany and The Netherlands and have passed the most stringent European tests for children's toys. They are 100%:

✔ BPA Free
✔ Cadmium Free
✔ PAH Free
✔ Lead Free
✔ Phthalates Free
✔ Safe for those with silicon allergies

          Minimum age recommendation:  2+ years
          Material: Wood