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Back and Forth - or ‘heen en weer’ as they say in Dutch - is our handsome, quirky, little wooden toy car. Available in an array of fun colours including natural wood, zesty orange or sunshine yellow. 

Can’t tell the front from the back? Just leave it up to a child’s imagination, they’ll find their own way to drive Back and Forth!

Unlike many toys, their materials are sourced in Germany and The Netherlands and have passed the most stringent European tests for children's toys. They are 100%:

✔ BPA Free
✔ Cadmium Free
✔ PAH Free
✔ Lead Free
✔ Phthalates Free
✔ Safe for those with silicon allergies

          Minimum age recommendation:  2+ years
          Product dimensions: 10 x 3,5 cm
          Material: Wood