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Ready Steady...RACE!

Let your little one's imagination soar with the delightful Floral Wooden Ramp Racer! This charming toy features four beautifully decorated wheels, each with its own unique character – a beetle, caterpillar, snail, and flower.

Simply place each character on top of the race track and watch as they speed down the ramp in a thrilling race to the bottom. Children absolutely love this toy, as it's both fun and engaging.

Crafted from high-quality wooden materials, the Floral Wooden Ramp Racer is durable and built to last. It's the perfect addition to any child's toy collection, providing endless hours of imaginative playtime.

Minimum age recommendation 18+ months
Product dimensions 28x28x10
Material MDF, wood, plywood, water-based paint
Color Pink
Collection Wild Flowers
Packaging contents 1 Ramp race track with 4 wheels