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Let's dive into the exciting world of pretend play and open up our very own shop! Imagine stepping into a cozy store filled with all sorts of goodies, from delicious treats to shiny trinkets. As the shopkeeper, you'll get to scan each item and carefully tally up the total with the press of a button. Will your customer pay in cash or with a card? The choice is yours!

With this charming wooden cash register, you'll have everything you need to create your own bustling little store. The register comes equipped with a handy pin terminal, as well as a stash of realistic-looking coins and bills that can be stored neatly in the cash drawer. Whether you're playing with your mum, dad, friends, or even your favorite doll, this lovely toy is the perfect way to let your imagination soar.

But the fun doesn't stop there! As you play shop, you'll also be developing your mathematical, motor, and social skills. You'll learn to count and sort money, practice fine motor skills as you operate the buttons and drawer, and hone your communication skills as you interact with customers. What could be more thrilling than that? So come on, let's grab our cash register and start playing shop today!


Minimum age

3+ years
Product dimensions 15,8x16,5x9,5
Material Wood
Color Multicolour
Collection Essentials