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Transform your baby's nursery into a magical wonderland with this enchanting flower-shaped music box! As you hang it above their crib or changing table, watch as their eyes light up with wonder at the beautiful sight.

But this music box isn't just for show - it's also the perfect tool to help your baby calm down and drift off into a peaceful sleep. Just pull down the ladybug and let the soothing melody transport your little one to dreamland.

Not only that, but this music box is also a wonderful way to stimulate your baby's imagination and develop their senses of sight and hearing. So why settle for an ordinary nursery when you can add this delightful music box to the mix?

With its charming design and calming melodies, it's sure to become a beloved part of your child's bedtime routine.

Minimum age 0+ months
Product dimensions 23x23x5,5
Color Pink
Collection Flowers & Butterflies
Packaging contents 1 music box