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Prepare to witness pure delight as your little ones meet the enchanting Maileg Mum and Dad Mice, now reimagined for 2022, nestled snugly in a charming cigar box.

Measuring 15 cm each, these mice captivate with their long, slender leather tails and adorable oversized ears. Mum Mouse is a vision in her pretty floral night dress and pink eye mask, while Dad Mouse exudes comfort in his mismatched pyjamas and a stylish mustard-colored eye mask.

Their bed is no ordinary bed—it's a beautifully illustrated cigar box crafted from sturdy card, complete with a magnetic closing lid. Inside, they are treated to ultimate comfort with a plush striped mattress, a yellow and white pillow, and a cozy blue blanket adorned with charming stripes.

Watch as your little ones' imaginations soar, creating endless stories and adventures for Mum and Dad Mouse. These charming characters, tucked snugly in their cozy bed, will become cherished companions for imaginative playtime and comforting snuggles.


Height: 17 cm
Recommended age: +3 Year
Wash: FABRIC 30 C + PAP
Filling: Recycled polyester/PE Pellets