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Let your little one explore the world of Little Goose with this adorable playpen activity book. Featuring a variety of textures, materials, and interactive activities, this book is the perfect addition to any playpen or cot. The vibrant colours and fun characters are sure to capture your baby's attention, and the different materials to touch and feel will help to stimulate their senses and promote hand-eye coordination. 

Take a closer look and you'll find a hidden mirror behind the ladybug and a rattling little bee that's perfect for swinging back and forth. The teething ring provides a different surface to explore, and the cotton strings make it easy to attach the book to your playpen or cot. Not only is it a great way to encourage your little one to focus and play during tummy time, but it's also an excellent tool for sensory development.

Whether it's used for quiet time in the playpen or as a source of entertainment during car rides or trips to the park, this Little Goose playpen activity book is sure to become a cherished companion for your baby.


Minimum age recommendation 0+ months
Product dimensions 75x15x6
Material 100% Polyester
Color Mint
Collection Little Goose