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Cherish every magical moment of your little one's childhood in this deluxe Little Dutch memory box This luxurious treasure chest is perfect for preserving the most precious keepsakes that celebrate your baby's unforgettable milestones.

Unleash your creativity and personalise this beautiful box, creating a unique, heartwarming collection of memories. Together, parents and children can journey through time, delighting in the rediscovery of these cherished tokens, safely tucked away in this beautiful Sailors Bay box.

Let the Little Dutch memory box be your family's gateway to a world of love, laughter, and unforgettable memories.

This box contains:

  • an envelope for the first lock of hair
  • a cotton bag for the first pair of shoes
  • a cotton bag for the favourite dummy
  • small boxes for the first teeth, for wishes, memories and treasures
  • a tape measure to keep track of the child's growth
  • cards for ultrasound pictures, for prints of the feet and hands, for baby's first words and pictures/notes/thoughts you want to remember. (Please note: Paint for footprint not included.)
  • labels to attach to the child's hospital name tag, their favourite cuddly toy and clothes
  • blank labels to tie special objects
Product dimensions 30x6x30
Material Cardboard, paper, cotton
Color Blue
Collection Sailors Bay
Packaging contents 1 Memory box with various accessories