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Step into a world of wonder and delight with our playful flower rattle! Your little one will be mesmerized by its soft, gentle texture and the sweet rattling sound it makes as they play with it. Watch as their eyes light up with joy and excitement!

With beautifully illustrated labels, adorable corduroy leaves, and vibrant cotton rope knots, this delightful toy is bursting with charm and character. Every detail is crafted with care and attention, creating a one-of-a-kind plaything that your child will treasure for years to come.

Not only is our flower rattle irresistibly cute, it also helps to develop your baby's hand-eye coordination. So while they're having fun exploring the world around them, they're also learning important skills that will serve them well as they grow and develop. Give your little one the gift of playtime magic with our enchanting flower rattle!


Minimum age recommendation 0+ months
Product dimensions 17x9x6,5
Samenstelling 100% Polyester
Color Pink
Collection Flowers & Butterflies