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Get ready to experience a world of love and enchantment with our little fairy, Fay. This magical creature will sprinkle love not just on you, but on anyone and everyone around you. Fay's generous heart knows no bounds, and she's here to make sure you feel that love in every moment of your life.

From a faraway land filled with magic, Fay has journeyed to your home to become your new best friend. She'll be there for you through thick and thin, always watching over you with care and affection. With her light blue dress, gold-threaded wings, and blonde hair tied up in two playful buns, Fay will surely light up the hearts of children everywhere. And her ballerina shoes? They're simply too cute for words!

But Fay isn't just a pretty face - she's a bringer of imagination and wonder. She'll help you bring your favorite fairy tales to life, sparking the magical time of childhood that we all hold so dear. So if you're ready for a world of love and enchantment, look no further than our charming little fairy, Fay. She's ready to bring some magic into your life!


Minimum age recommendation 12+ months
Product dimensions 20x12x8
Samenstelling 100% Polyester
Color Blue
Collection Essentials