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Embark on a journey of reflection and creation with this captivating magnetic wooden case! Designed for children aged 4 and above, this exquisite portable educational toy unfolds to reveal a treasure trove of 120 magnets in various colors and shapes. The possibilities are endless—what will they create? A vibrant butterfly? A soaring rocket? With 20 template cards to replicate or the freedom to let their imagination soar, children can craft the most whimsical characters and animals!

The inclusion of geometric-shaped magnets turns the experience into a puzzle or tangram, fostering the development of motor skills, logic, and, most importantly, providing a joyful concentration on this engaging educational activity. Beyond their magnetic properties, the inner surfaces boast slate, allowing young minds to further enrich the experience with drawings or writing, akin to a real blackboard. Two pieces of chalk are thoughtfully provided.

The charming green wooden case securely houses all the components, sealing the creativity within. Its convenient fabric handle ensures easy portability, making it a delightful companion for learning and play on the go

Minimum age recommendation:  4+ Years
Product dimensions: 30 x 3.2 x 30 cm
Material: Wood, Cardboard