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Have you explored the world of Magneti'books yet? These portable and educational magnetic books have captured the hearts of both the young and the young at heart! Wondering how they work? Within this magnetic box, a delightful array of magnetic items awaits, inviting kids aged 3 and above to assemble them according to templates or their own creative whims! This game, crafted with sturdy cardboard pieces, transports children to enchanting fairytale kingdoms with its 30 magnetic parts and 10 template cards.

Inside the box, a magnetic board becomes the canvas for constructing captivating fairytale scenes, mirroring the illustrations on the template cards using the provided magnets. The beauty lies in the complete interchangeability of the magnetic pieces, granting kids the freedom to unleash their creativity and concoct a myriad of whimsical characters! Beyond the joy of play, this activity aids in developing children's imagination and fine motor skills.

Rest assured, this product is crafted from FSC®-certified and other controlled materials, ensuring a commitment to sustainability

Minimum age recommendation:  3+ Years
Product dimensions: 19 x 4 x 26 cm
Material: Cardboard