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It's Dino-Ville race time and all our dinosaurs on wheels must go to the garage for a quick check-up!

A well-maintained dinosaur is primed for success, and our Diplodocus-shaped garage facilitates optimal care! Standing at a regal 50 cm-high, this wooden garage is equipped with a lift that takes all vehicles to the first and second floors, right up to the top of its head. To ascend, simply place the vehicles on the platform and rotate its round eyes to power the lift. For the return trip, kids can have a blast on the amazing ramp running down the length of its neck and back! Perfect for children 2+ years.

It comes with 4 rolling wooden dinosaurs and 2 cacti to complete the decor. The little Pteranodon has its own private platform for landing directly on the garage roof. This toy is ideal for developing imagination and motor skills! Made from FSC® wood.

Minimum age recommendation:  24+ months
Product dimensions: 60 x 23 x 50 cm
Material: Wood