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Get ready! A triceratops, diplodocus, and spinosaurus are ready to make a grand entrance into your children's bedroom! What sets these dinosaurs apart is their ability to be disassembled into numerous small pieces, offering endless possibilities for reconstruction! This 31-piece wooden game is perfect for children aged 2 years and older who revel in construction games and building.

Ideal for nurturing the logic and dexterity skills of dinosaur-loving kids, this set features 3 assemble-your-own dinosaurs: a 10-piece triceratops, a 10-piece diplodocus, and an 11-piece spinosaurus. All three dinosaurs exude charm with their big round eyes and vibrant green/orange colors. For those just starting, the 3 model cards serve as helpful guides in constructing these delightful creatures.

What adds to the fun? Children can unleash their creativity and combine all the pieces to fashion a brand-new creature, a unique mix of the three species! All parts are compatible with each other, encouraging imaginative play. Crafted from FSC® wood, this construction toy is both entertaining and eco-friendly.

Minimum age recommendation:  18+ months
Product dimensions:
22 x 22 x 7 cm 
Material: Wood, Cardboard