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We all know a trip to the salon can do wonders for us and with the Jabadabado Hairdresser Belt, you wont have to go far. Now you can finally open your own little hair salon at home! The adjustable belt comes with everything your child needs to become the next Vidal Sassoon: a hairdryer, a straightener, a comb, a pair of scissors, 3 hair clips, 2 rubber bands and a bottle of hairspray. This set is perfect to play with friends or siblings and only your imagination sets limits to what crazy or stylish hairstyles you want.


  • 1 x adjustable belt with buckle
  • 1 x hair dryer
  • 1 x comb
  • 1 x straightener
  • 1 x pair of scissors 
  • 3 x clips
  • 2 x ponies
  • 1 x bottle of hair spray

     Safety: Tested and certified according to European standards 


    Minimum age recommendation:  3+ years
    Product dimensions: 40-80cm
    Care Instructions Wipe Clean
    Material: Wood/ Canvas