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How do you want your make-up done today? Jabadabado's make-up belt contains everything you need to become a real little MUA (make-up artist). Now you can style all your buddies and any of their friends before parties, days out or anytime you want! You can also easily carry your makeup with you wherever you go. The adorable shell-shaped adjustable belt comes with: nail polish, lipstick, blush brush, setting spray, mirror and eyeshadows. It's a great set for playing with friends or siblings and letting little imaginations soar. 


  • 1 x Make-up belt bag in shape of a shell
  • 1 x Nail polish
  • 1 x Lipstick
  • 1 x Blush compact
  • 1 x Blush brush
  • 1 x Setting spray
  • 1 x Mirror
  • 2 x Eyeshadow palettes

     Safety: Tested and certified according to European standards 


    Minimum age recommendation:  3+ years
    Product dimensions: 40-80cm
    Care Instructions Wipe Clean
    Material: Wood/ Canvas