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Grimms believe in making complex concepts accessible and engaging for children. That's why they've created the stunning 13 piece Weather Building Set - a hands-on tool that brings the power and beauty of the weather to life in a fun and interactive way.

The play pieces are carefully crafted to not only look beautiful, but to feel wonderful in your child's hands. As they explore the different shapes and textures, their imagination will take flight, and they'll begin to create stories and scenarios based on their own experiences with the weather.

And the benefits go beyond just creative play - through these experiences, your child will learn to process emotions, like comforting Little Rabbit who has hidden under the bed out of fear of the thunderstorm. They'll learn to appreciate the power and majesty of nature, and to find beauty in even the most stormy of days.

And for those who love to build and create, The Weather Building Set is the perfect complement to our Large Wooden Rainbows.

With these pieces, your child can bring sunshine to their day, conjure up lightning and thunder, or let snow and rain fall from the sky. And when the storm is over, they can watch as the clouds part and the sun comes out, drying and warming everything once again.

Age recommendation 3+ years
Product dimensions 24.5x17.5x6.5cm
Material Wood
Color Multicolour