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Meet your new best friend and lucky charm, fairy Ella! With her magical fairy dust, she sprinkles happiness and smiles everywhere she goes, spreading joy to all those around her. Straight from a magical world far, far away, Ella has come to your home to bring you luck with her special four-leaf clover.

Dressed in her charming pink dress, with her brown hair in a bun and delicate gold-threaded wings, Ella is sure to capture the hearts of all children and inspire them to play and have fun. Her ballerina shoes are perfect for dancing and twirling, while her magical presence stimulates the imagination and brings fairy tales to life.

Ella will always be by your side, looking after you and making sure you are filled with happiness and wonder. Let her spark the magical time of childhood and create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. Order fairy Ella today and experience the joy and enchantment she brings!


Minimum age recommendation 12+ months
Product dimensions 20x12x8
Samenstelling 100% Polyester
Color Pink
Collection Essentials