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Introducing our adorable little mouse, nestled in a box that unfolds into a dreamy day bed. A haven of tranquility and comfort, this special space holds the key to much-needed rest after a joyful dance lesson.

As the music fades and the twirls subside, our precious mouse seeks solace in this beautiful box-turned-day bed. A sanctuary for tired limbs and a gentle refuge for dreams to unfold, it becomes a cherished companion in the journey of self-expression.

Imagine the softness of the bedding cradling our tiny dancer, inviting her to drift into a world of slumber and rejuvenation. The box, adorned with grace and love, becomes a symbol of the importance of rest, allowing the body and soul to recharge and bloom once more.


Size: Little sister/brother
Height: 11 cm
Recommended age: +3 Year
Wash: 30°C
Material: Cotton / Polyester
Filling: Recycled polyester