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Introducing the famous Grimms wooden rainbow, with its versatile design and endless possibilities for creative play, this toy is perfect for children of all ages, from toddlers to older kids.

Watch as your little ones stack, sort, and build, honing their fine motor skills and developing their spatial thinking abilities. And as they grow older, the Rainbow becomes so much more - a cradle for dolls, a fence for animals, or a tunnel or bridge for their vehicles.

But that's not all - with its vibrant colours and sleek design, the Rainbow is the perfect tool for building amazing sculptures and structures, sparking your child's creativity and imagination in new and exciting ways.

No matter how your child chooses to play with this Rainbow, it's sure to become a constant companion in their playtime adventures, inspiring them to think creatively and engage with the world in new and exciting ways. And when its not in use, the pastel rainbow is a stunning decor addition to any nursery or playroom

Contains 12 pieces with a length of 36cm.

Age recommendation 3+ years
Product dimensions 36x7x18cm
Material Wood
Color Multicolour
Age Grade (toy safety) 0+ years