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We make shoes that are the best thing parents can do for their kids feet.

We’ve been at it since 1991. That year Chris and Colleen Bennett designed the world's first all leather Soft Sole for their daughter, Chloe, and it’s been a story of innovation and phenomenal growth ever since.

Flash forward to present day Bobux and you’ll see a company constantly striving to learn more about healthy foot development and leveraging this knowledge to design kids shoes that are genuine objects of desire for mums.

We love good design. We love challenging ourselves to design shoes that are both stylish and good for kids. We love what the future holds for Bobux and the children that grow up in them.


At Bobux we believe in taking a youthful approach to everything we do.

From our constant thirst for knowledge to our somewhat naïve belief that we will design the best kids shoes in the world, we thrive in a world without boundaries. Much like the children that wear our shoes, we embrace creativity in all its forms.

This is what makes us different from other kid’s shoe brands. We are open-minded and unafraid to challenge what we think we know.

We endeavour get to know our customers. We ask them questions, visit their homes, and invite them to be part of our design process.

We strive to learn more; to be experts in foot development and design shoes that are actually good for kids. And we love doing it.

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