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For all the budding gardeners out there…a sturdy solid wood wheelbarrow complete with 3 seed packets, 3 flower pots with a sunflower, carrot and tomato plant. Water the plants with a watering can, tend with a trowel and cut the flower with the birdy secateurs.

The set includes everything needed for a healthy garden:

  •          Wheelbarrow
  •          3 (wooden) seed packets
  •          3 flower pots
  •          1 sunflower
  •          1 carrot
  •          1 tomato plant
  •          Watering can
  •          Trowel
  •          “Birdy” secateurs
  •          Garden snail

Cut the flower with the 'birdy' secateurs and pick the Velcro attached tomatoes, perfect for encouraging little green fingers!

Age range: 3 Years And Older

Product size: 19.09 x 6.89 x 12.2”
Weight: 2.94 lbs