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Sustainable interdental brushes made of bamboo - Different sizes: Size 0 - very small - 0.40 mm // Size 1 - small - 0.45 mm // Size 2 - medium - 0.50 mm // Size 3 - large - 0.60 mm

Our interdental brushes with plastic-free bamboo handles are your environmentally friendly addition to everyday dental care. So you can clean even hard-to-reach interdental spaces. You can choose from four ISO standard sizes. Size 0 has the smallest brush at 0.40 mm. If you use the interdental brushes together with our bamboo toothbrush , you protect teeth and gums at the same time & protect the environment.

Like all of our products, our interdental brushes are of course water-neutral, vegan & fair.


Gently push the interdental brush into the gap between two teeth. Move the brush back and forth horizontally a few times. Also try to run the brush diagonally along the teeth using the so-called "X technique". Be careful. 

Always use the interdental brushes without toothpaste and preferably once a day before brushing your teeth. Clean the brush under running water. After seven to 14 days, you should replace the interdental brush.


The interdental brushes from HYDROPHIL belong in the residual waste after use. For hygienic reasons, the bamboo handle is unfortunately not yet allowed in the organic waste.


Handle: 100% bamboo
brush: metal wire and BPA-free nylon