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Reminiscent of the famous Mexican Huarache sandal from the 1960s, our Retro sandal is another archive ankle strap style that Salt-Water have relaunched for the modern woman. It has the same defining features as all of our Salt-Water Sandals - a durable leather upper coated in our signature waterproof sealant, rust proof buckles and hand stitched sole. Now available in our bestselling rose gold, these sandals are the perfect full stop to both day and night looks.

They feature rust proof buckles, a durable rubber sole and are pretty gorgeous in this Rose Gold metallic finish!


***Please be sure to check the size guide before checking out***.  


Size 4(Adult)    UK 3(Adult)    US 6(Women)    EU 36

Size 5(Adult)    UK 4(Adult)    US 7(Women)    EU 37

Size 6(Adult)    UK 5(Adult)    US 8(Women)    EU38

Size 7(Adult)    UK 6(Adult)    US 9(Women)    EU 39

Size 8(Adult)    UK 7(Adult)    US 10(Women)    EU 40-41

Size 9(Adult)    UK 8(Adult)    US(Women)    EU 41-42