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The Swimmer features a plaited leather toe with buckled ankle strap. Based on the original design that has been around since the 1940s, the Sun-San Swimmer is cushioned on a leather-lined urethane sole and moulds to the users foot with repeated wear. Now available in the much anticipated Rose Gold - the perfect way to mini-me with your little one.


***Please be sure to check the size guide before checking out***



Size 6(Child)    UK 5(Child)    US 6(Child)    EU 22

Size 7(Child)    UK 6(Child)    US 7(Child)    EU 23

Size 8(Child)    UK 7(Child)    US 8(Child)    EU 24

Size 9(Child)    UK 8(Child)    US 9(Child)    EU 25

Size 10(Child)    UK 9(Child)    US 10(Child)    EU 26-27

Size 11(Child)    UK 10(Child)    US 11(Child)    EU 28

Size 12(Child)    UK 11(Child)    US 12(Youth)    EU 29

Size 13(Youth)    UK 12(Child)    US 1(Youth)    EU 30-31

Size 1 (Youth)     UK 13(Child)     US 1(Youth)     EU 32

Size 2 (Youth)     UK 1 (Youth)     US 3(Youth)     EU 33

Size 3 (Youth)     UK 2(Youth)     US 3(Youth)     EU 34