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The Surfer is your classic two strap Jesus sandal. The adjustable toe buckle and ankle strap makes it the best all-rounder for both wide and narrow feet. The entire Sun-San range comes on a super comfortable spongy urethane sole with rust proof buckles. They can be worn in water and hand washed with a gentle detergent. The Surfer comes in several lovely colours, and range of finishes including shiny patent and metallic. The Surfer in Tan is our best selling unisex sandal and goes well with everything.


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Size 5(Child)    UK 4(Toddler)    US 5(Child)    EU 20-21

Size 6(Child)    UK 5(Child)    US 6(Child)    EU 22

Size 7(Child)    UK 6(Child)    US 7(Child)    EU 23

Size 8(Child)    UK 7(Child)    US 8(Child)    EU 24

Size 9(Child)    UK 8(Child)    US 9Child)    EU 25

Size 10(Child)    UK 9(Child)    US 10(Child)    EU 26-27

Size 11(Child)    UK 10(Child)    US 11(Child)    EU28

Size 12(Child)    UK 11(Child)    US 12(Child)    EU29

Size 13(Youth)    UK 12(Child)    US 13(Youth)    EU30-31

Size 1(Youth)    UK 13(Youth)    US 1(Youth)    EU 32

Size 2(Youth)    UK 1(Youth)    US 2(Youth)    EU 33