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Looking for a fun toy that not only entertains but also helps develop essential skills in your little ones? Look no further than our EDVIN collection's Ring Stacker!

Designed with six different-sized rings in lovely pastel colours, this toy is not only visually appealing but also helps to develop hand-eye coordination and perception skills in children. The bendable stick ensures both safety and ease of use, making it perfect for children over 12 months old.

And the best part? The Ring Stacker perfectly coordinates with other products in our EDVIN collection, so you can create a matching set that's sure to delight your little ones and complement any nursery or playroom decor.


* Crafted from durable MDF.
* 6 Different sized rings coordinated with other products in the Edvin collection.
* Bendable stick for safety, and makes it easier to staple.
* Helps develop motor skills and coordination.
* Painted with various patterns.
* Measures: 16,5 x 10 x 4,7 cm.
* Suitable for children over 12 months.
* CE marked for safety