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Priced Per Order -  

Printed to order to fit any wall to create a beautiful scene, for the smallest to largest room. Delivery is 1-2 weeks.

How to order in 4 easy steps

  1. Choose your design
  2. Email us the wall measurements needed and chosen design
  3. After confirm Price, confirm the shipping address
  4. Complete your order by paying.

Payment options include Paypal, over the phone or in store.


We have a standard square metre price of €30 per square meter and a flat fee of €35 for creating your pattern to fit. To order please email us at hello@kidstore.ie with width (cm) by height (cm), your wallpaper of choice and we will reply with the exact cost. We advice you to add at least 3cm extra (width and height).

As our wallpaper is a custom order and printed to fit your space it cannot be returned. 

Product description
The print is printed on non-woven wallpaper (120gsm). It is a strong wallpaper, tear-resistant and even removable with a soft cloth. The wallpaper is delivered in strips of 47.5 cm wide and therefore it is easier to apply than wallpaper rolls that are much wider. 
The print is printed on entire lanes of 47.5 cm, so it is possible that the last lane has an unprinted strip to reach the desired size as indicated by you. The number of jobs is unlimited and depends on the size of the wall.

This is simple and you no longer need a wallpaper table. You rub the wall with wallpaper glue and stick the wallpaper tightly on it. Non-woven wallpaper does not shrink, so you can hang it tightly together, so that the print will look good.