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Step into a world of timeless charm with our brand-new addition for 2022 - the exquisite wooden vintage off white fireplace. Designed to perfection, this enchanting piece will seamlessly blend into the Maileg House of Miniature or Castle, becoming the heartwarming focal point for your beloved mice and bunny friends.

Immerse yourself in the cozy ambiance created by the soft fire glow that emanates from this authentic-looking fireplace when it's switched on. Feel the warmth radiating from within as it casts a mesmerizing glow, enveloping your Maileg companions in a comforting embrace.

But remember, as bedtime approaches, gently switch off the fireplace, bidding a temporary farewell to its captivating glow. Let the promise of another beautiful day await your little friends as they dream of new adventures and heartwarming moments to come.


Size: Big sister/ brother
Height: 8.5 cm
Width: 8.5 cm
Recommended age: +3 Year
Wash: Surface wash
Material: Wood / Metal / Polyresin