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Little Dutch summer sleeping bag 70 cm - cotton
The Little Dutch sleeveless sleeping bag is ideal during the hot summer days and ensures that your child can sleep comfortably and safely. A sleeping bag makes it more difficult to roll over from the back to the belly, to climb out of the bed and to kick off the cover. The sleeping bag has a front zip that opens from the bottom to the top which prevents your child from taking the sleeping bag off by themselves.
On warmer days, you can use the Little Dutch summer sleeping bag (without sleeves) with a summer blanket, sheet or swaddle, provided you tuck it in tightly and feet to foot.
The Little Dutch Adventure collection takes children on an adventure. The range consists of 4 colours: Blue, Pink, Mint and Grey. The collection has cheerful modern illustrations of tepees, wild animals and natural elements.
An adventure during the day ends under a beautiful starry sky. 
Product characteristics
material: 100% cotton
TOG value: 0.7
Zipper closes from top to bottom
Machine washable