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Introducing our all-natural wooden iron set - the perfect addition to your child's playtime routine. Complete with a wireless iron and iron board, it's the ultimate tool for teaching little ones about responsibility and role-playing.

Designed with a removable cotton cover, the iron board is foldable for easy storage when not in use. And the best part? The iron button makes a satisfying clicking sound and can even be rotated - just like the real thing!

Teach your child the value of hard work and the importance of taking care of their belongings with this timeless toy. They'll spend endless hours perfecting their ironing skills and role-playing, just like the grown-ups do.


Rec. age months+ 36
Color Nature/White
Length in cm 56
Width in cm 26
Height in cm 55
Other dimensions Adjustable height: Step one 50 cm, step two 55 cm. Iron: 13x8x8 cm. Folded iron board: 72x26x5 cm.
Number of parts (mounted) 2
Functions Foldable construction with adjustable height 55 and 50 cm.
Net Weight (g) 1830
PaintType Water based color/Water based lacquer
Material Plywood/Pinewood/Beech/Schima/100% Cotton/100% Polyester
Material DescriptionIron board: Linden plywood. Textile, string: 100% cotton. Filling: 100% polyester. Base iron board: Pine, beech, linden plywood, schima. Strykjärn: Pine, schima, linden plywood.