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Introducing our delightful Wooden Vacuum Cleaner for children – the perfect companion for playtime cleaning adventures! While adults tidy up, little ones can join in the fun with this engaging and interactive toy. Just scatter the magnetic dirt discs on the floor, and watch as your child excitedly rolls the vacuum cleaner over them, making them magically disappear as they stick to the bottom of the toy.

Once they've completed their cleaning mission, kids can easily store the collected dirt discs in a conveniently designed small compartment. This captivating activity toy not only stimulates children's imagination but also encourages them to develop a helpful attitude towards everyday chores from an early age. With our Wooden Vacuum Cleaner, learning and fun go hand in hand for a truly enjoyable playtime experience!


Rec. age months+ 36 months
Color Light blue
Length in cm 31
Width in cm 18.5
Height in cm 54
Diameter in cm 0
Number of parts (mounted) 7
Net Weight (g) 800
PaintType Water based color
Material Plywood/Schima/Iron/Paper/Silica gel