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Introducing a clever and entirely original children's kitchen! The perfect space-saver kitchen that fits neatly in the corner but when pulled out it has 3 side of fun to enjoy. This imaginative playset offers aspiring little chefs a dynamic play area on not just one, but three sides! Its distinctive triangular shape transforms this kitchen into a versatile and engaging toy, ideal for children aged 3 and above.

On the main side, young chefs will find everything they need to whip up delicious meals for family and friends: a stove, a sink with a tap, an oven with mechanical knobs for adjusting the temperature, and even a washing machine with a porthole door, ensuring a constant supply of clean tea towels for an immersive and realistic gaming experience.

And what could be more delightful than cooking with a view? The Trio wooden cooker provides just that! Two large window-like openings allow children to interact with friends during playtime, one of which is adorned with charming light curtains. Additional storage space is available on the other sides in the form of cupboards, perfect for keeping the 5 metal kitchen utensils provided.

This children's kitchen exudes a charming retro style with its beautiful blue color and vintage white and ochre patterns. The natural tone of the wood adds a soft touch to the overall aesthetic.

When playtime concludes, the kitchen can be conveniently stored in a corner, minimizing its footprint in our homes. Young chefs will relish the opportunity to emulate grown-ups, hosting tea parties, and concocting imaginative dishes in this delightful Trio kitchen!

Worktop Height: 51.3 cm

Minimum age recommendation : 3+ Years
Product dimensions : 62 x 30,4 x 58,6 cm
Material : Wood, Metal, Fabric