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Included in your forget-me-not family calendar, are over 850 stickers. For example, if you’re just terrible at getting it together to go out with your partner for a date night (like many of us) stick a “date night” sticker on your month, and, bam! hit up the cinema, go for an Early Bird or just take a walk without the kids. Ok - this planner isn‘t going to sort out your babysitter for you, but if it’s on the wall, it’s a start!


VERY LIMITED RUN - Flaunt your all-over-it-ness to your visitors who will see how super stylee being organised can be. By Limited I mean limited. If you get one of these you will be one of a super small but savvy bunch. Verrrrrrry exclusive eh.


CALENDAR SIZE : 40cm wide x 30cm high

Wire bound with hanging loop.

850 useful stickers.

Perennial calendar at the back to mark up any important dates for the following year.

Printed on uncoated paper.