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Don’t be left feeling dreary in the rain. Stay protected from a downpour with our kids colour-revealing umbrella in yellow.

The colour-revealing print on our umbrella is fun and innovative that will make your kids marvel. The raindrop pattern changes from white to multi-coloured as water hits the fabric. Once the umbrella dries the raindrops change back to white ready for the magic to be revealed again.

The automatic, push button opening makes it easier for the children to open and close without trapping their fingers. The size of the umbrella once opened is 85cm which would also be suitable for kids and adults.

Available in a colour choice of Coral or Navy.

  • 100% Polyester
  • Diameter when open: 85cm
  • Length: 64cm
  • Velcro fastening to keep umbrella secure when closed
  • Leave open to dry
  • Keep away from fire