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The beautiful BIRDIE!

Designed in the USA, BIRD lead the way in scooter design - making beautiful scooters that deliver on function, safety and ergonomic design. Made using airplane grade metal the Birdie features wide footboards and ultra wide wheels for greater stability.

This non electric scooter is suitable from 3 - 8 years.

Also available in White & Rose.


Measurements: length 59.5cm x width 31.8cm x handlebar height max. 93.6cm (lowest 69.4cm).  Foot plate; widest 14cm narrowing to 12cm at the back brake.


  • No slip grip - Birdie’s ergonomic grips are designed to provide better handling and prevent children’s hands from slipping off handlebars.
  • Durable design and frame - Made with airplane grade metal, Birdie features wide footboards and ultra-wide wheels for enhanced stability
  • Smooth steering - Birdie’s lean-to-steer design provides flexible control as little riders navigate their three-wheel kick scooter
  • Three wheels for increased stability - Crafted for ultimate stability, Birdie’s three wheels offer a sturdier, stable, and wiggle free ride
  • Reliable brakes- Birdie’s stomp brake help your little rider come to a stop quickly and reliably
  • Height-adjustable t-bar - With an adjustable neck that can be moved up or down, Birdie grows with children making it a sustainable investment
  • Safety tested - Birdie has undergone extensive safety testing to provide your child with a safe ride
  • Suitable for - 3 +, Maximum weight: 110 lbs