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Our environment is beautiful. Anyone who looks at them in all their facets comes to the conclusion that responsibility and beauty cannot be mutually exclusive. Our sustainable red bamboo toothbrush not only looks particularly good, it is also a good choice for reducing your plastic consumption. The medium-soft bristles are the perfect mix for a thorough cleaning of the teeth and the protection of your gums. Because toothbrushes wear out due to regular cleaning, a new brush is recommended every 3 months.

Raw materials
The handle is made of particularly fast-growing Moso bamboo and is biodegradable. During its two-year growth phase, Moso bamboo reaches a height of up to 20 meters. Artificial irrigation is not used in our bamboo cultivation, nor are pesticides or other chemicals.  

The bio-based bristles are made from castor oil. The oil extracted from the plant is processed into organic nylon and is free of BPA and petroleum. 

The solvent-free colored varnishes from the natural paint manufacturer AURO, which are used to color the handles, are also consistently ecological.