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Meet Baby Bobby -  full of joy, loveable and looks and smells just like a real baby.  

Made in Spain, Bobby is one of our collection of 34cm baby dolls by Paula Reina. With moveable arms, legs and head, Bobby can sit, stand or lie down and is lightly scented with the loveliest vanilla smell!

All of our Paula Reina dolls are atomically correct and come with realistic body parts to make them even more lifelike... Baby Bobby is one of our boy dolls and comes wearing white vest and pants, all ready to get dressed up!  Why not buy Bobby a beautiful linen romper suit here!  

We offer a whole wardrobe of handmade in Europe dolls clothes that have been specially designed fit all of our Paula Reina dolls. 

CE tested. 100% phthalate free.  Recommended for ages 3 and over.